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People are strange, when you're a stranger . . . - June 18th, 2009

June 18th, 2009

June 18th, 2009
08:18 am


Food is the new cocaine?
Governor signs bill to curb obesity:

I take wry amusement from the observation that conservatives want to ban crack and smack and grass, while the liberals want to ban calories and tobacco.  Oh, and sometimes alcohol, depending on the generation involved. 

Neither end of the spectrum is interested in letting people choose their own fates . . .

Meanwhile, back at Moosesylvania:

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11:25 am


Thursday no-roadkill report
Can't even report Tuesday's squirrels.  Vanished without a trace.  Did have numerous blood spots on the pavement, about silver-dollar size, which I suspect represent a tree frog migration gone horribly wrong . . .

Last good day forecast before a run of Wet, so I lifted a middle finger at the wind and biked anyway.  Which wind is reflected in the time logged.  First day-lilies blooming, both domestic and feral, and a different species of yellow hawkweed.  This one bears multiple blooms on one stalk, whereas the other maintains a strict one stalk, one vote policy.  Also, lupine blooms have opened nearly to the end of their flower spikes.

15.30 miles, 1:12:13

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03:40 pm


Deflation hits the home economy?
Just picked up a functional NordicTrack ski machine at a yard sale.  $25 US -- special sale price on comparable model new, $699.  Regular price $999 . . .

Won't need it for a while, until end of bike season and the 2-3 month gap before usable snow . . .

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04:25 pm


Annual safety reminder
School's out -- aim carefully.

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